It’s New Years Eve and I’ve been feeling the strange pressure of a final post for this year. I had thought of not adding to the New Year noise…not that there’s anything wrong with all these final thoughts of the year, and thoughts for the days ahead. I just didn’t feel like I had anything new to say. It’s all been said (and quite well). But as my day slipped away, I couldn’t help but think of the clock and all the things needing to be done. I was running out of time.

Time. It defines our lives.

We are literally creatures trapped by time.

But God is not so trapped. He stands and exists outside of time. A trippy mind-blower, that! He’s God and he does what he wants! 🙂

If I understand the ending of the Book, the time is coming (sorry, but pun intended) when time will no longer hold sway. I don’t claim to understand it at all, but there’s a deep part of me that longs for that day.

This post is far longer that I intended, so I’ll leave you with the thought that Love is the most powerful force in the universe. A love that doesn’t care who you are, what you’ve done, or even what you do. Love that cuts between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow.

Love that knows you, inside and out.

This love is real. Love waits for you to know that you are loved. This love longs to sing over you.

A love that is eternal. Timeless…

Love knows no time
It cannot be counted
Love knows no bounds
It cannot be contained
Love knows no distance
Removes all my resistance
Love will right my wrong
Love will find a song

(From an unfinished song, GV 123012)

Here’s to Love and His timeless song.
Happy New Year!