The Year of Jubilee

2006 is almost over… and welcome, 2007! With only three hours to go until midnight, already the sound of fireworks are breaking the silence of what would be a typical Thompson’s Station, TN Sunday night.

This past year has been incredible in a number of ways. It’s hard to believe we’ve been here for a full year (technically 16 months, but who’s counting?). We’ve seen many places around the world, and seen the passing of many loved ones, as well as the beginning of many new lives, in both the physical and spiritual sense.

It seems oddly appropriate that this New Year’s Eve finds me at home, with kids in bed (or at least heading that way) and Carol and I enjoying a quiet night. Even with all the great places we’ve been and the many exciting events Project Onefifty has helped me take part in, it has been a year of transition as well as preparation. I know with all certainty that this coming year will be special.

In the Jewish faith, 2007 is the Year of Jubilee. Every 7 years is a Sabbath year, but 7 cycles of Sabbath years end in the Year of Jubilee. In the Old Testament, this is a time that calls for forgiveness of debts, the end of strife and aggression, and freedom for those in bondage.

If you do a Google search for the Year of Jubilee 2007, you’ll find a great deal of information. There are many organizations proclaiming this year as a time to end wars, to forgive debts of nations in Africa, and to help end famine, poverty, and sickness all around the world. 2007 also marks the 200th anniversary of the end of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. There are plans made to honor the many brave men and women who helped end slavery and helped inspire the modern movement to end the slavery of poverty and disease.

Is it any wonder that 2007 will be the year that Project Onefifty enters a new phase of ministry?

For the Christ-follower, every day of every year celebrates Jubilee. Christ is the fulfillment of the intent of the Year of Jubilee, and we have the awesome privilege to proclaim this truth to the world. From peoples halfway around the globe, to the neighbors down the street, the world is poised and waiting to find freedom and forgiveness…

Sounds like Grace to me.

So farewell 2006… we had a great time. But it’s time to celebrate new life and healing and freedom. It’s time to party!

Bring on the Year of Jubilee! Anyone want to join the fun?

Grace in His name,


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  1. George many are with you in our thoughts and parayes as we enter this Year of Jubilee!
    I do believe that many great and wonderful things await those that have experienced in the past few years the fire that purifies the soul! Now it is time for us to focus our collective energies on the positive in life and grab ahold of our Future with the Diliberate Intention of our creative thoughts!
    Let us all manifest the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth this day. Reach out a tell someone the Good News – don’t delay, it’s time to act!
    Best Regards, Jim Pecora your New England connection.

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