Playing ‘catch up’

Ok…that should be the official title of this blog, since I always seem to be ‘playing catch up’ with keeping this up to date!

So…where were we? Oh yeah…wrapping up Camp Voyager in North Carolina. I don’t ever want to become jaded about the way God chooses to move, but once again we had many, many decisions by the kids to follow Christ for the first time, re-dedications, and even some who feel called to service! I’m convinced that young people are far more attuned to His call than us old-timers. I know it took several big ‘taps on the shoulder’ and a huge encounter before I realized it was Holy Spirit trying to get my attention about starting Project Onefifty. I can’t wait to hear more from FBC Spartanburg about the follow-up to this years’ Camp Voyager.

One last ‘camp’ story. As you know, this church rents a camp facility in Flat Rock that is a Jewish camp, Camp Blue Star. I’ve told you many stories about the folks we’ve met and shared with. I’m including a pic of the young Russian guitarist I got to play with the last night of camp, Liza…she was incredibly talented. Music is universal!

I digress! Thursday was a Jewish holiday called the ‘Fast of Tisha B’Av’, which is when the Jewish people mourn the destruction of the Temple. How do I know this? One of the full-time camp staffers is a lady named Allison. We’ve gotten to know her a bit the past 4 years, and she has always enjoyed our music. With all the conflict over in Lebannon, we asked her some questions. She actually has 2 relatives who are fighting with the Israeli army, and I assured her that we’d be praying for them (I trust that you’ll join me in this). Allison is pursuing a degree in theology, and she commented that this fighting is senseless since ‘we’re all praying to the same God’, meaning the Jews, Arabs, and Christians. I responded that she and I were definitely praying to the same God. Please pray for Allison as she learns about Jehovah and that one day she’ll come to know the Messiah.

This weekend, the P150 Band played a Discipleship event for the Church at Brook Hills. It was the first time I’ve gotten to play there this year. And while it was a bit strange to be back as a visitor, it was great seeing a few of our old friends there. Our singer, Tony Wachter, had a wedding to attend in Atlanta, so we enlisted our friend Stephen Hayman to sing with us, and Rick Sutton and Eugene Bates stepped up and sang a couple of tunes as well. These guys are incredibly talented! It was great fun!

I finished this trip by filling in on bass at ClearBranch UMC in Argo. It’s so cool to be able to be part of so many different fellowships and to help in their ministries. There’s never a dull moment…well, hanging out in hotel rooms is not very exciting…lol!

This coming weekend I’ll be in Chicago playing with Glenn Garrett, and the end of the month will find the P150 band playing an event for my new church home, the People’s Church! Yeah…a gig close to home!

I’ll close by asking you to keep us in your prayers. Durand Robinson (with the Greater Europe Mission, presently over in the States) and I are praying and brain-storming about some ways to raise support for some coming projects. It’s exciting to think of the doors that God has opened for us to partner in sharing the Good News with people all over the world.

There…I’m officially ‘caught up’…for the moment!

Love you, gang!