Midweek ‘mystery’…

Hi everyone!

Sorry for no update yesterday, but boy…it was a busy day! Call was at 6:00am and we hit the ground running! We played 3 events yesterday (yes…at different venues). Two of them were for Christian clubs at two different schools (one in the morning before classes and the other after school). The last was our evening concert featuring Kevin and the band, the choir, and our speaker Gary Permenter. I must say that David Gaines knows how to keep folks busy!

Today we played another school event and then I had the day ‘off’. I’m sitting in the student auditorium of FBC Biloxi where tonight’s event is happening. It’s the usual story of ‘hurry up and wait’ while the crew gets everything ready. But I know it’s going to be a great concert, as we are expecting not only the usual crowd at this church, but all the folks we’ve invited from the various school events. We are praying that it’s an SRO crowd…not for the sake of numbers, but for as many people to have the chance to hear the Good News about the difference Christ has made in our lives.

During my free time today, I drove into Mobile and then around the area, just observing the damage, the clean-up efforts, etc. To be honest, I was very pre-occupied about some personal issues…Audra is having some tests done Friday; while that is nerve-wracking enough, the fact that I can’t be there is hard. But I know that God has both Audra and my fears and concerns well in hand. I can go ahead and thank you for praying, because I know you will!

But even with my thoughts of family and home, I couldn’t help but be affected by the sights of the area. Everywhere you turn, you see evidence of a storm long past…blue tarps are everywhere. Some places are simply empty lots…you can tell that some home or other structure used to be there, but now is simply gone.

But even with the devastation, you see signs of hope. Relief teams are in plain sight, working hard and selflessly to repair homes and to bring normalcy to the lives of the people in this region. The students from Biltmore are working no less hard than any of the other teams and it makes you proud that students (grades 6-12) are doing their part to be Christ in such a physical way. I’m proud to have even a small part in this trip.

Ok…the crew is done and the band is jamming…the choir is about to sound check and soon the doors will open. In a few hours, we’ll reveal in a variety of ways the love of Christ, and the mystery that is the work of Holy Spirit will be evident as people will be drawn to make eternal decisions.

Thanks for praying and for helping me be here this week. God bless!