A Kind of Homecoming

Hi… it’s me again! It’s Sunday evening, and I need to tie up some loose ends from the past week and the end of the Reveal Tour. We finished up this past Friday night in Meridian, MS, and with only 300 miles between me and Thompson’s Station… you guessed it! I headed for the house. As I drove, my thoughts became more and more centered on home. But many of the events and images from this tour kept flooding my mind and I realized that ‘home’ was more central to the week than I imagined…

In a high school auditorium ‘less than full’, I was humbled on Thursday night by sight of the 4 or 5 folks who came home that night. God’s way of measuring success is far better than mine!

In Meridian on Friday night, I watched a student struggle to answer the call for home. I saw a miracle take place as spiritual warfare waged inside this teenager. The result? Another homecoming!

As I drove through the night to get home, the sight of a dazzling lightning storm had me spellbound. With each bolt
crossing the sky, I couldn’t help but think of how God casts my sins as far as East is from the West. My desire to get home to my family was nothing compared to the thought of the ‘homecoming’ to come, and how soon and quickly it will happen.

Thanks again to all of you who prayed for us this past week. I truly wish you could see what I get to see… lives that had no hope, suddenly filled to overflowing with the Hope that only Christ brings. I am always humbled by the fact that God chooses to use broken and shattered people to point the way toward Him, and that I have the honor to use what skills I have in His service.

This Wednesday I head up to Asheville and the Biltmore Baptist Church for one last event tied to this tour…

The ‘homecoming’ concert!!

Love you all!

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