New week…new adventure!

The wonderful thing about being a musician (or one that gets to travel) is getting to go to interesting places. So far this month, I’ve logged trips to Asheville, NC, Ireland (both the Republic Of and the Northern one), Birmingham, AL, and now this week’s tour on the Gulf Coast.

I’m down in Gulfport, MS working with some of my best friends in the world. David Gaines (keyboard wiz) is on staff with the Biltmore Baptist Church in Asheville, NC, and his student choir is touring down here. Another great friend and great player down here with us is my longtime partner in musical crime, Kevin Williams. Kevin and I go way back…I played on his 2 recording projects, have served together on a church staff, and I play guitar in his road band. Kevin and I have been tasked with fronting the choir’s student band (some decent players, too).

Our mission this week is multi-faceted. This entire region is still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Katrina (seven months after the fact), and the students will be helping in various relief projects (building, painting, cleaning, etc). The choir will be playing in area churches at night, and we’ll be opening and closing the concerts. Our good friend Gary Permenter will be speaking…he is hilarious! But he really drives home the message of truth in a way unlike any other youth speaker (and I’ve heard a bunch of ’em!).

During the day, the band will be playing in school assemblies as a teaser for our nighttime concerts. Tonight we all rolled into town around 7pm, checked into our hotel and then went to a local church for a rehearsal. Tomorrow we hit the ground running at 6am for our first event; an assembly before school for a Christian club. Then it’s off to another school where we’ll do basically the same deal. Somewhere in between those two events will be a radio interview, hopefully some lunch and some rest before our evening concert.

So welcome to the Biltmore Student Choir Tour! Be praying that we can positively affect the lives of the people in this area and be Christ in a multitude of ways. Rest assured that while we’ll lending our hands in a physical fashion, we’ll do all this in the spirit of Christ and be looking for ways to share truth wherever we can.

Oh yeah…we’ll play some music too!

Be praying! Love you guys!