The memes and quotes on social media today of Dr. Martin Luther King have been both numerous and inspirational. I will never be able to know how special this day is for all those who have experienced the pain and ignominy of racism, of being hated, abused, subjugated and even killed only because of the color of their skin and nation of origin. These days, expressing an opinion against the words and actions of our current president will earn you scorn and such wonderful epithets as “snowflake,” “libtard,” and others unfit for polite discussion. That’s about as close to experiencing racism as I ever will.

Fear and shame have kept so many quiet for so long. But the days of silence are gone; it’s long past time to stand and proclaim freedom and equality for ALL.

Derisive names will still be thrown as shade, but light drives out the darkness. Hate is insidious and lives in the most surprising places, but Love truly is the most powerful force in the universe.

May the God-given dream of Dr. King be real today and every day. God forgive my silence and tacit bigotry, and give us all the courage to speak truth with love.

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