Vulcan Classic

This past Saturday I played at the Vulcan Classic at the Alys Stephens Center in Birmingham. No, I’m not talking about the motorcycle…this Vulcan Classic is a body-building championship. Yes, I know what you’re thinking…what the heck was I doing there? My friends Brian Taunton and the God’s House Band played the intermission of the show and they asked me to come play with them (I had worked on their recording project at Kevin Derryberry’s Ark Studio).

And while the gig went very well, I think I know how it would feel be on an alien planet. We were surrounded all evening by men and women who looked like Greek gods and goddesses…needless to say I went around all night with my stomach pulled in as tight as I could…lol.

This whole event was Brian’s brainchild (he is into that whole body-building world), and his dream was to have a time during the night where the Gospel would be clearly presented. God’s House Band has great songs filled with truth, and toward the end of our set, Brian gave a powerful message of how Christ can change a life. He closed with a simple invitation to accept this message…over 5 people asked Christ into their life for the first time, and 6 others re-dedicated their lives!

God is challenging people all around the world to find new ways to present His love. For me and Project Onefifty, it’s music. For Brian Taunton…it’s reaching out to body-builders. But the fact remains that we need to go beyond the walls of the Church to “be Christ” to the people who won’t come to us.

I’m proud to be part of this type of cutting-edge ministry. Brian tells me that next years Classic will be bigger and better than ever…

I’d better start working out now!