“Victory for the People”

His name in Gaelic means ‘whelp’ or ‘young pup’ but he’s that no longer. His Norse roots translate it as ‘dark…’ And his hair is dark, with eyes as black as night. But they radiate a courage that warms the hearts of all who know him. That heart has proven many times his Greek name…’victory for the people.’ He has come more than once to the defense of those in need.

His name is Colin, and he’s my son.

He’s the third of five, and the third of four boys. He’s the middle child, different from all the rest. All my children are unique and wonderful in their own ways, but Colin literally marches to his own beat (and tempo).

He is one of the smartest people I know, and insanely talented. His artwork alone is breathtaking (the pic in this post is a drawing of his; NOT a photo), and when he decided to learn guitar, he picked it up as if it were nothing. He plays drums to the music of the Beatles, and he’s written a screenplay. It’s just not fair…

I’m incredibly blessed that all of my guys and gal are in good company with Colin. While this may seem like nothing more than proud parent grandstanding, they all have the goods to back up these boasts.

Colin is my loner. But it’s not from being ostracized. He’s comfortable in his own skin, and has an independence that will serve him well in life.

In a few short months, Colin will be joining the Navy, and will most likely see more of the world in the next four years than I’ve seen in my fifty-two. I’m proud and excited and cannot wait to see where his journey will lead.

The thing these days I’m admiring most about this dark defender is his courage. At eighteen he possesses the heart of a warrior and the soul of an artist. But when a neighborhood friend with some emotional challenges earned the attentions of some bullies, Colin rushed to Zach’s rescue with no hesitation. This is only one example of many where my ‘whelp’ turned ferocious.

I admire this quality since I feel it to be so lacking in my own heart. My ‘young pup’ is teaching his old dog dad that courage can be found even in the most cowardly heart.

Thank you, Father, for the gift of this day and for all these dang kids. I love them all.

Thank you, Colin. For all that you are and will be, I am proud of you. I love you!