“Tomorrow I Will Be Thankful”

It’s the eve of what is probably my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. A time when families and friends gather to celebrate all things for which we can and should be thankful. It marks the beginning of the holiday season…Thanksgiving giving way to Christmas (if you are Christian) giving way to New Year’s Eve. Homes will be decorated, gifts bought and exchanged, and resolutions made for the coming year.

We will gather in our homes to feast and remember blessings. We will gather in houses of worship to celebrate the Advent. We will gather in communion by the glow of candles raised in honor of the Christ child, flames flickering in the winter winds. Songs will be sung, from silly and fun to majestic and holy. Everywhere we will hear the ancient call of “Peace on Earth and goodwill to men.”

It all starts with being thankful.

I wish I could finish this post...

I have much for which I’m thankful, but tomorrow is a different day for me. Tomorrow my father would have been 87 years young. Four years ago he breathed his last breath…and while I have written on his life and his passing before, I will not walk that path tonight.

Tomorrow I will be thankful…but tonight, those words are hard to come by.