The Gift of Today

In my many years on this earth so far, I’ve done many things…but usually music related. I’m fortunate in that my joy is also my vocation. I am not wealthy in conventional ways, but I am blessed indeed.

This gift of music is one I do not take for granted.

Many years ago I worked at a church where the pastor would begin his prayers in this fashion:

“Father, thank you for the gift of this day…”

The simplicity and bravery of this prayer impresses me even to this day, some fifteen years later. I have emulated this invocation even if I haven’t always understood its implications.

Yes, I am indeed thankful for all that God has done, is doing, and will do. I have lived my life attempting to walk in the courage of a life with Christ, learning sometimes the hard way just how important Grace is…and learning how to extend as well as accept it.

If I were to pray right now in your hearing, you’d most likely hear me begin the way my pastor modeled for me all those years ago.

“Father, thank you for the gift of this day…”

Some days it’s easier to be thankful than others.