Sending out an SOS

Shocked to hear from me so soon? Me too, but I vowed to be a better blogger! Last night I joined Kevin Williams and Randy Tolleson at an ‘SOS” campus outreach at Mississippi State. This is a monthly deal that features us doing some cool cover songs as well as a set of worship tunes. The speaker is the always funny and always insightful Gary Permenter (

While our crowd was low (due to a change of dates), we had a great time. We did a cool ‘rendering’ of Finger 11’s “One Thing” that capped off the night. Gary’s message really hit home to me, as he was sharing how God has called us not to ‘comfort’ but to a life of service. For some, their service might be in the center of the spotlight of major events on a global scale. For others, it may be out on the fringes, serving those who society deems ‘unloveable’. Wherever we are called, the key is to follow the leading of Holy Spirit to your particular place of service.

This really resonated with me. I love big shows and lights and sound and all, but I’m equally at home in a coffeehouse or even a living room. I fully expect this year to contain both kinds of events for me and Project Onefifty.

But I think the MS State guys have got it right in that they are answering ‘distress calls’. I never want to be guilty of trying to mandate my own brand of morality, but I pray that my music is laced liberally with truth and grace, and delivered with love.

This week is filled with wrapping more recording projects and then I’m back out with Kevin Williams and the boys in a week-long event in Brandon, MS (with a one night service at the Church at Trace Crossings in Tupelo).

I’ve begun recording demos for a follow-up project to my “Spheres of Influence” CD (released way back in 2004). It’s still amazing to me how SOI is still reaching new folks each and every day. But I am incredibly excited about this new project. More than just a music CD, it will include a companion book, a DVD, and what I hope to be an amazing live event, with great production elements that will make you consider some of the Big Questions but in a fun and inspiring way.
OK, enough hype… thanks for praying!

Love you, gang!


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