Gulf Coast update

If you’re keeping score, it’s Day Three of this tour; and yes, that means no entry for Day Two, but it was both busy and good! Today I’m sitting in the student room of FBC Biloxi while setup goes on around me.

We just finished doing a few songs for a Senior lunch and Gary Permenter brought a hilarious yet timely message about who we can and should forgive and have compassion for. He made a statement that is so true… ‘hurt people hurt people’ and that we should remember that when we encounter people difficult to love and accept.

Yesterday and today Kevin and I did a few songs for the VBS outreach we’re doing each morning at the FEMA trailers. Imagine a really large mobile home park and you’ll have an idea of the housing that many of the displaced Katrina survivors now inhabit. We’ve seen a dozen or so kids come out and play and listen to us sing songs and tell the Good News about Christ.

The concert last night at Petal-Harvey BC went well. While we have been playing mainly to church folks, Elizabeth (a junior girl from the Reveal Choir) said it best in the luncheon today; ‘we are passing our joy onto the people in this area’. If we can give Hope to the hopeless, we’ll gladly let Holy Spirit do the rest!

Pray for us tonight! We kick it at 6:30 and last year at this church was simply rockin!

God bless!