“Genesis House”

The final notes rang out minutes before 11 PM. The gear is packed away, and the band and I have driven our separate ways. I’m down the road a little ways and my favorite playlist on Spotify is streaming into my ears. Yet tears stream down my cheeks as I remember the words and stories recounted tonight.

The words ring over and over in my mind. “He was hungry for my pain and suffering…
I was determined to survive.”

Right now someone is attempting to ward off blows that should never fall.

Someone is begging and pleading for it all to stop.

But it doesn’t stop…

Statistics were shared tonight how relatively few in number decide to survive. The rest believe they deserve whatever they receive. It’s a hell storm that they long to flee, yet fear holds them hostage. They convince themselves it’s not the abuser who is wrong, but it’s them. Somehow they have failed and are worthless…yet worthy of any punishment rained upon them.

Father, protect your children tonight. Give courage where fear reigns. Give strength to the weak, and let your mercy flow…

“God… Shape a genesis week from the chaos of my life.”
Psalm 51:10 The Message