Breathe… breathe in the air…

Take a deep breath… hold it for a sec.. exhale. Now don’t take another breath… hold that for as long as you can stand it. Now… take in the tiniest amount of air imaginable and hold THAT.

That is just a small taste of what my buddy David Gaines has been going through the past year or so. But thank God for medical doctors and the miracle of a double lung transplant. He’s out of hospital and doing well back home in North Carolina. David is a life-long friend, and I couldn’t imagine life down here without him. But I was convinced that God still had work for Dave to do… and apparently God agreed with me!

As close to home as that close call was, things got a little closer for us recently. My oldest son, Brandon (23) has dealt with asthma since he was a child, but with fewer and fewer issues as he’s gotten older. So imagine our shock when Brandon had to hospitalized for a week due to a very severe asthma attack. The doctors never really could find what triggered such a massive attack. Right on the heals of one of my best friends going through issues with lungs… breathing… I was more than a bit apprehensive when Brandon’s doctor decided to consult a pulmonologist. All I could think about was David’s ordeal… was this the beginning of the same in Brandon?

Thank God for mercy! They finally determined the causes of the attack (a variety of factors) and initiated the proper treatment. Brandon’s doing great and we’re all resting much easier.

But I find it interesting how the enemy would like nothing more than to steal the breath from our lungs. With no air, there is no life of course… but even the slightest attack on our breath has major consequences. It affects our strength and stamina… it changes the way we live and work… and it silences our voice and the ability to proclaim the grace and mercy of the Father.

I am convinced from scripture that our very breath is from God. Genesis tells where God literally breathed live into man. And the apostle John relates where the resurrected Christ breathes on the disciples, imparting the Holy Spirit. Is it any wonder that the enemy wants to rob us of this God-given gift?

So now I find myself reminded to thank God as I take in a big gulp of O2. And I can’t help but think of all the people who don’t know Christ and how they really need air…

Waiting on the wind of the Spirit to blow…