About George Vinson

gv0406_2bGeorge Vinson is not cool. While that may seem to be a terrible judgement, look at the tell-tale signs of ‘non-coolness’. He’s old (46, just like the gauge of the low E string on his trusty Stratocaster… of course, these days if you’re over 25 you are over the hill). Secondly, he’s not rock star skinny (his waist size is closer to his age than to the number of years he’s been playing music). And while GV does an admirable job of staying up with all the cool new music (he evens likes a lot of it), his lack of standard Nashville haircut and regulation glasses (whether needed or not) only further emphasize the point. So, considering the evidence, George is amazingly unfazed by it all. Through his Project Onefifty ministry, he continues to play his music all around the world, slowly and surely making new fans. But more importantly, the influence behind his muse and music is being acknowledged… one gig, one song, one person at a time. Wow… that’s almost… well… cool!