Your Possible Past

“What if..?”

Ever asked yourself that, or been asked that question? C’mon, I know you have. We’re all human (most of us lol), and if we’re completely and totally honest, at some point about some thing we’ve kicked this can around the block.

I say ‘can’ because if we’re not careful we can open a can of worms (and other creepy-crawly nasties).

“What if” is dangerous.

But where there is great reward, you may have to take great risks. Taken to extremes, this risk can result in regret, and regret can be too powerful to handle.

The truth is… we all have regrets, and for as many people that are reading this, there are that many regrets and more.

One of my big regrets is that I never went to college. At the age of 15 I fell into my dream gig of playing music in the studio. Back in my day, every day after school I’d do some chores and homework, fight off the neighborhood band of Neanderthals and dinosaurs as I made my way to work the night shift at a local studio. Talk about heaven!! I’d have grown men ask me just how I broke into the business… just a true God thing.

But after high school, I could’ve gone to college. I could’ve gotten a music degree or something… but I was already chin-high in the world I dreamed to inhabit. Remember this was 1979… there were no recording schools, etc.

So I made my choice.

Now at the ripe old age of 50, I wonder how my life would have been different if I had gone to school anyway, and learned how to learn. It’s not like I had to choose one or the other. I did have a choice.

What about you? And what about the people who didn’t have a good choice, and made poor ones?

“What if…?”

…I had a better home life as a child

…I didn’t do drugs or alcohol

…I didn’t get married… what if I had?

…wasn’t stuck in a dead-end job

Tough questions… hard questions, to be sure. Life-defining questions.

But there are even tougher ones to be asked.

What if I hadn’t fallen into sin

Had found love and forgiveness (instead of scorn and legalism)

What if I had found Christ and his grace and mercy sooner?

Wow. As tough as those questions are, imagine these:

What if God wiped out the human race when he wanted to?

What if the Father didn’t require Christ to ‘drink from the cup’?

What if there was no grace…?

I truly believe God lives in the Eternal Now. Now is future is past . He sees the past and the present and the future all at once.

He IS God, you know.

The story of my life is not written… yet God knows my outcome. He sees my future as my possible past. And he loves me at every moment and at every bend in the road. He knows the choices I’ve made and will make.

He can make my worst choices reflect his Choice.

He chose me… and he chooses you.

And he made Grace possible in every past.

He’s just waiting on me to make the Choice…