“When Words Won’t Come”

The rain seemed endless. And cold too. The sky matched my mood even though I had just finished a fun “Dads and Donuts” school event with my daughter Audra. A note on Facebook from an old friend lifted my spirit somewhat…his kind message encouraged me. He was finding comfort in my wandering words, and I felt compelled to write.

And then…nothing. No words would come.

I suppose you could call me a creative type. I’ve been drawing and sketching and telling stories since I was young. I hit my teens and fell head over heels in love with playing music. It was inevitable that I would eventually try my hand at writing songs…which in turn has led sort of full circle to these attempts at writing. It’s all storytelling in whatever medium suits the story.

So I wasn’t particularly worried when my morning muse decided it was too cold and wet to come play today. Sometimes she just needs a little coaxing.

I opened a folder of blog ideas on my iPad. I’ve gotten wise enough (and old enough) to know that memory doesn’t always play nice either. I scanned my notes, hoping at least one of these would jump start a post.

Nothing. No words would come…

So here I sit, hours later…trying to fill this blank screen.

It’s the cardinal rule of writing to ‘write what you know.’ And I’ve parroted ad infinitum Bono’s oft-quoted advice that if nothing is happening creatively, then write about that.

So today I will blend both of these words of wisdom. I have no clue why no synapses are firing (probably not true, but just not going there today), and I don’t want to write what I know per se…

I want to write about what I believe.

These and any days, belief can be a dangerous thing. And costly. To stand up for one’s beliefs can get you into trouble…or worse.

You can’t last five minutes on a social media site without getting slammed about the government, about the president, about this horrible sin or that terrible lifestyle. We Christians especially want to slam you with what we are standing firm and tall against, with whichever rising tide of evil is overtaking our country, or fallen beast the church is attempting to slay this week.

Don’t get me wrong…there are bad things in the world, and some lines even I won’t cross (at least without looking both ways). Some things are worth a fight. But it seems as if we just want to fight and the issue doesn’t always matter.

So…rather than list what I’m against, and instead of my bullet points of belief, I will simply post the lyrics to one of my songs. I wrote this a few years ago, and maybe one day it’ll actually be out there in the world for general consumption. I have many things I believe, but I think these are the important ones, and everything else flows from here…

I Believe

Sometimes I feel so lost at sea
Dark waves are crashing over me
A light is shining
Beyond the wind and waves
Heaven’s proclaiming
The one who came to save

I believe in the Father
I believe in the Son
I believe in the Spirit
And the work he has begun
I believe…

Sometimes I feel I’ve lost my way
Can’t see the pathway for the pain
The light is shining
Beyond the storms I see
Heaven’s declaring
The one who died for me

I believe in the Father
I believe in the Son
I believe in the Spirit
And the work he has begun

Through the storm
Through the rain
My comfort through the pain
(I believe)

I believe in your mercy
And the power of your name
I believe in forgiveness
‘Cause you’ve washed my sins away…

The rain has stopped for the moment. Patches of blue can be seen peeking through the clouds. It’s still cold…but it’s okay. I’m not sure the muse came for a play date, but that’s okay too.

I’ve remembered what I believe.