Weekend in Review

Ok…sounds like a Sunday morning talk show! Just trying to be consistent in this whole ‘blog thing’. I have to have faith that someone out there may actually read these posts in order to keep up with me and Project Onefifty, so here goes!

I was once again back in Birmingham, Alabama for a few days. Thursday night I played the ‘big room’ in town…the Civic Center Coliseum. Along with home boys Barry Page on bass, Steve Sample on drums, horn players Mart Avant and Rich Davison (and Chad the unknown T-bone guy), and Michael Addler and company from Shades Mt. BC on BGVs, we played for Birmingham alum Charles Billingsley. He has been in groups like Newsong and is currently the music leader for the David Jeremiah Crusade ministry. It was just such a crusade that brought us all together at the Coliseum for a great night of music and preaching. It should appear on TV at some point, so I’ll try to get you the info in a timely manner.

The rest of the weekend found me playing with my friends out at ClearBranch United Methodist Church in Argo, AL. Their student ministry presented an original musical called “Fifteen For A Moment”. The premise was a recently departed lady looking back on her 9th grade year and all the trials and turmoil that led to her accepting Christ. My role was that of bass player, which led me full circle to my early days at Erwin High School playing bass in the pit for shows like “Bye Bye Birdie”. I keep waiting for my Tony Award…maybe they don’t have my new address in Tennessee!

Anyway, it was a fun week and a fantastic way to help pay the bills. I have asked many of you to pray that work would head my way, and I do believe your prayers and mine are being answered. As always, keep Project Onefifty on your list.

I actually have about 10 days or so off before heading back on the road. School ends this Thursday, and Justin (recently turned 19, and Brandon, 22!) will be heading to Chicago for the summer playing at a LifeWay Centrifuge camp. I’m hoping we can use this down time to do some fun family stuff around town (lots to do and see here).

I’m also hoping to use this time to do more work on songs and demos for a follow-up to my “Spheres of Influence” CD. I actually have 2 complete projects I want to do…but first things first, as they say.

Finally, my good buddy Glenn Garrett has finally completed his long-awaited CD titled “Mysteries and Dreams” (keep checking www.glenngarrett.com for more info). I am so excited about this…I ended up playing all the bass parts (with the exception of 2 tunes with synth bass) and alot of guitar parts as well. I am humbled to be on these tracks along with Glenn and session heavyweights Dave Cleveland on guitars, Tony Morra, Chester Thompson (yes, THE Chester Thompson!) on drums, as well as Lisa Bevill on BGVs. Heck, even my buddies Tom Lane and Jamie Rogan got to help on a few tracks (on guitars and percussion, respectively).

The new CD has been released to 240 radio stations and Glenn has already started booking concerts. Glenn and I go way back (he’s also a Birmingham guy from about 20 years ago). I used in play in his road band back toward the end of his CCM career, and I actually helped he and Kathy move to Franklin. It was one of those ‘God moments’ that put Glenn and I back together again last year, leading ultimately to our move to the area (Kathy was also our realtor…lol!).

Alrighty, then…enough review! Have a great week and I hope to see you soon!