We made it!

Hi everyone!

Well…we made it! Tony Wachter and I arrived in Dublin a couple of hours
ago, and we’re unpacking
and getting ready for our first event tonight. I’ll try not to drive you
crazy with e-mail, but I will be
sending some updates (hopefully with some pics, too). We’re six hours ahead
of most of you, so you
are blissfully sleeping while I’m typing (I’m envious!).

Before I go, I do need to share a prayer request with you. This past
weekend I was up in Asheville,
NC, doing some work with David Gaines (one of my best friends on this
planet!). Friday night we did
some recording work for their upcoming student choir tour; Saturday we
(Kevin Williams and David
and I) did a workshop with their student band, and Sunday found me playing
‘The Fountain’ as the
opener in all three of their worship services. All that stuff went very

But something strange happened Friday night. When I got to town, I
immediately went to David’s and
bagn recording. We got finished pretty late, so it was close to midnight
when I finally made it to the
hotel. When I was checking in, the girl behind the counter (her name is
Deborah) engaged me in one
of the strangest conversations I’ve ever had. I’m not really sure how it all
happened, but she began
telling me about some strange dreams and visions she’s been having.

You must know that for whatever reason, Asheville seems to be the center
for a lot of ‘New Age’
activity. When the Bible says that we are in ‘spiritual warfare’, I believe
it, especially after talking with

She is having recurring dreams about some strange figure that is attacking
her; her very words is
that she feels ‘very oppressed’.

When Deborah asked me if all that meant anything to me, I responded that
if it were me, I’d be
praying for the Lord to either take away these dreams or at least give some
kind of insight as to their
meaning. She gave me the strangest look…she then said that ‘…I believe
in the Lord Jesus’, but my
sense was that her belief was not that of a commited follower.

I told Deborah that I would pray specifically to the Lord for her (which I
have been doing). All the next
day I kept thinking about her and what I could do (if anything) to encourage
her. David found a small
New Testament and a document about spiritual warfare and what Scriptures to
read concerning all
this. I was delighted and determined to take these to her that evening when
she came to work (3rd

I went to the lobby around 11:30pm…but no Deborah. I was wondering if
she was ok, etc., and
determined to somehow get these materials to her. I was also going to give
her a CD, but had told me
that she has no way to play CDs.

I had to be at the church by 7am Sunday morning, so I went to check
out…and there she was! There
were several people checking out as well, so all I could was to give her the
New Testament and the
pamphlet and commit to her that I would to continue to pray. David said that
he and his church would
follow up on her as well.

So, can I ask to add Deborah in Asheville, NC to the growing list of
people who need our prayers?
How many other ‘Deborahs’ are out there, spiritually seeking and oppressed
by our enemy?

Thank you for helping me to be on the road where the Lord is putting
people in my path. Please pray
for Tony and I this week especially as we use our music to plant seeds, and
to help local ministries
reach out to their communities. I literally could not be here without you!!

Sorry for the long message but I really wanted you to hear this story so
you can know how to pray!

Love you, guys!!