Up to date with updates!

OK…trying to lose the self-imposed ‘slacker’ title by finally getting up to date with the road journal. It has been a busy week (like they all haven’t been, thank goodness!

I’ve been telling you about a few of the projects I’ve been involved with, the most notable being with my friend of many decades (!) Glenn Garrett. He has just released a new CD project called “Mysteries and Dreams” (his site is listed in the Links area of this blog). I am so humbled to be on this record with guys like Glenn, Dave Cleveland, Tony Morra, Tom Lane, and Chester Thompson. This past Thursday evening we attended a CD release party where friends, family, and all the folks involved in the project got to listen to some selected cuts. It was a wonderful time…not your typical ‘industry event’. One of the more famous guests was Glenn’s long-time producer Brown Bannister. Carol and I got to chat with Brown and his wife for a bit and discovered many things in common (we’ve each been married 25 years, and we both have 5 kids!). Brown was very complimentary of my work on “M & D”…I’m praying that this seemingly random meeting will prove to be yet another God moment in our adventure here!

Of course, where would I be up here without my buddy Brian Green?? Not only has he gone out on a limb to give a virtual nobody like yours truly some work, but has proven to be a great friend. It’s amazing how God plants people in your life where you least expected! Our two big LifeWay projects are drawing to a close and we pray these are the first of many to come.

And while I’ve been working like mad during the days to get my parts done so Brian can mix, I’ve been leaving around 3pm each day but Thursday to go play a student camp up on Signal Mountain in the Chattanooga area with my friend Greg Lowery. Yep…to say that I’ve been a ‘road warrior’ this past week would NOT be an understatement…lol. Carol and others make fun of me because I have most of the exits on I65 memorized…now I have a new interstate to work on!

Next week is pretty light, but that’s good because I head back out on the road on Saturday for a session in Birmingham and to then hook up with the Kevin Williams Band for our annual North Carolina camp.

Make sure you check all the websites for the folks I’ve mentioned…I’ve added them to the Links section. Also in there is the link to the blog site for Randy Elrod, the former worship pastor at the People’s Church. Randy is one of the most visionary men I know, and he recently left the staff of TPC to devote his life to helping other artists fulfill their God-given call. I know you’ll find his site to a fascinating read, and also a great resource as well.

Yes!! I’m up to date…I’ll not be a slacker any more!

Well…until the next time I get behind!