Tupelo Honey

Yes, that is the title of a great Van Morrison song, but it has nothing to do with this post. Well…except for us playing in Tupelo, MS today!

You’ve read an earlier entry about the Church at Trace Crossing, which features the tag team of Kevin & Kevin (Wood & Williams, the pastor and worship leader, respectively). Kevin Williams was out today doing a Disciple Now weekend in Brookhaven, MS, so I was asked to fill in.

And since I have such a lovely singing voice, I brought ‘a ringer’ with me. Michael Hill is one of my new buds from up here in Spring Hill, TN. Not only is he a great singer and guitarist, but he’s helping to develop a cool video game with a Christian worldview. This 38 year old guy also looks to be about 25, making me look like the venerable & wisened veteran that I am. So today, Trace Crossing got ‘Age and Beauty’ (guess who is who… lol).

Michael and I got on the road about 5:15 A.M. (ugggh) and made the trip down. Michael and his family moved to TN from the San Francisco Bay area and it was his first time in Mississippi and Alabama. At one point he asked if that was a cotton field on the side of the road (which it was, of course). A day of firsts!!

But what a great day. We had a great worship time, which once again found us playing “I Will Trust in You”. Kevin Wood had asked me to relay the story behind the song, which I am always glad to do. It really tied into his message, and it once again humbled me to see how God is using that tough time in our lives that inspired the song that God gave for comfort.

As we headed back, we just couldn’t resist driving by Elvis’s birthplace… we even sang “Heartbreak Hotel” (with the Raga harmony parts).

Tomorrow I’ll be in Birmingham through Friday morning (doing some sessions at Bates Brothers Recording, and another radio interview on WXJC AM850 on Thursday). Friday through Sunday morning I’ll be with Kevin Williams and his band in the Jackson, MS area, and I end this busy week with a Sunday night Huntsville concert with my pal Glenn Garrett.

Thanks for your continued prayers. It makes the time on the road and away from home almost as sweet as Tupelo Honey!