Treacher’s Lament

While it’s our second day here at Windermere, officially it’s the first day of camp for the couple of hundred kids here from Van Buren, Arkansas. And it’s been your typical first day. Lots of setup and sound checks and check-ins and pass outs, etc.

We just finished our first set of worship, and it was awesome. The kids seem excited to be here, and already focused on what God wants to do. The level of expectation for this week is high, and God has never let us down.

Hmmm. And that leads to what I have been thinking about all day, the topic that Holy Spirit seems to be slapping me around the head to write about.


It’s an ugly word.

I think it’d be safe to say that we have all been let down at one point or another in our lives. As we get older, the stakes increase along with the level of disappointment.

It’s easy then to relate to the concept of being betrayed. It’s a horrible place to visit and no one would ever want to live there.

Some of you reading this have been betrayed. And it is defining your very existence.
My heart breaks for those living in the brokenness of betrayal. For some, it occurred early in life…for others it’s so fresh and raw and real. The hurt is so palpable as to be seemingly visible.

The Father has healing for the broken hearted and he will wipe away every tear.

But what of the betrayer?

The weight of betrayal is heavy for those on the receiving end. But for the betrayer, add to the already crushing weight of hurt the knowing that he or she has caused the very wounds of those betrayed.

For the betrayer, it’s sometimes a weight too great to bear.

Not every betrayer feels this weight. But for those who do, they bear the costs of betrayal in isolation and loneliness. Some never recover from wounds inflicted on the ones they love. The betrayer is seldom offered the freedom of forgiveness and the cool relief of restoration is rare indeed.

A promise spoken
Now lies broken
Your unwanted repentance
Deserves no forgiveness
It’s what you must receive
When you would deceive…

(“Treacher’s Lament” by George Vinson)

Jackson Brown said it best in his song “The Pretender”

Are you there?
Say a prayer for the pretender
Who started out so young and strong
Only to surrender…

So I pray even now for the betrayed, and for the betrayer.

For I have been both.

Are you there? Say a prayer for the betrayer…