The Walking Dead

Ok… I’ll admit it. My taste in movies, books, and TV shows really runs the gamut. Probably different than the usual ‘normal’ person. But one TV show that has captured my imagination is AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead.’

The premise is this; basically some deadly virus is accidentally unleashed upon the world, resulting in millions of people dying and coming back as zombies.

Did I say ‘zombies?’ Yep! But in the show parlance the ‘z’ word is never used. The z**bies are called ‘walkers’, and the few folks who survived are in a constant struggle against these weird creatures, as well as relearning how to live in a world without modern conveniences, dwindling resources, and failing hope.

I love this show because the zombi…’walkers!’ are simply the plot device to throw the surviving characters against each other. It’s an intriguing study in behavior, morals, and even spiritual struggles.

In the season 2 finale, basically our heroes place of safety is being overrun by literally thousands of walkers. One of my favorite characters is Hershel, the owner of the farm where they’ve found refuge. A struggling alcoholic in his past, he became a strong man of faith. But when his wife, children, and workers are killed, his faith is questioned and he falls off the wagon.

There is a poignant scene between Rick, former sheriff and tacit leader and Hershel. It goes something like this:

Rick: You’re a man of God, have some faith.

Hershel: I can’t profess to understand God’s plan, but when Christ promised a resurrection of the dead, I just thought he had something a little different in mind.

Hmmm. I think Hershel’s words may be more true than we think. Because when Christ wakes us from our spiritual death, the result may be different than our expectation.

Now at this point it would be very easy (and expected) to draw an analogy between the walkers as humans in a sin or judgement condition… but that’s too easy. ‘Fish in a barrel‘ stuff.

Reality is never that simple. Or perhaps it is, except for the many layers that God can and does work in and through.

I contend that yes, there are folks who are dead in sin. Christ certainly raises us from that condition. But what about the rest?

How many believers have succumbed to the killer virus of spiritual pride? Or apathy? Trapped beneath a crushing weight of legalism? Burdened by judgement… banished to the outer darkness due to moral failure… and the loss of hope as redemption is revoked…

But here’s good news! God is doing something new.

Yes… we’ve heard this ad campaign before… prophetic utterances of the New Thing… yet those same prophets go and continue to do the same old thing.

This is not judgement on my part, no sir. I have logs and beams in my own eyes, both hands offend me, and I have a jumbo-sized cross to carry (gotta be that big for all my pride).

Stop. Something new is coming.

Listen… you can hear it. Look up… you can see it. You can even feel the wind of the Spirit blowing through our lives, calling us to wake up to what Christ wants and needs us to do and be.

Could it be that this new thing is a ‘waking of the dead’? A call to fight for the hearts of not only the lost… but the found as well. To awaken a new-found ‘heart intimacy’ of spirit so that hopeless people… these ‘walking dead’ can discover a life-changing intimacy with Christ.

We all know that when the heart stops… the body dies.

But the Wind I’m feeling on my face is strong. It’s blowing through my life, my ministry, and most of all… my heart.

And my heart is fine.