The Name Game

Day Five from Windermere…

Ok, ok. I’m not at camp anymore. Yesterday was the final day, and it was a very brief morning worship session, followed by tearing down and packing the van. All that was left was to say our farewells until next year.

All…with the exception of our final visit to that morning salvific of breakfast known as the Camdenton McDonalds!

Each day, we’d finish the morning rally, rush to the van and rush into town to grab a Big Breakfast (sans hot cakes, natch), a breakfast bagel, or my favorite, the Old Number 6 (sausage & egg biscuit, hash browns, and a large sweet tea).

You may be asking yourself why this is worthy of a post. This is no ordinary Mickie Dees! It was one of the first we’ve come across of the ‘hipster arches’ that are so popular these days. Big screen televisions in HD, leather seats, etc. Both Fancy AND Schmansy…

Apparently the locals recognize the greatness of this joint. The place would always be packed. So busy that the trusty McD server would take our order, and then ask for a name to be called when your order is ready.

Yes…you can see it coming. You can’t expect us NOT to have fun with such an opportunity. The past few years have been filled with the morning creativity of devising a name for each of us. And every day you must use a new moniker.

Imaging a crowded McDonalds at breakfast. A dozen or so folks are gathered around, waiting for their food, anticipating hearing their name.



“T-Roy?” (That’s redneck for ‘Troy’)

And the fun goes on and on…

On our final visit, we had fun explaining to the now familiar faces of the morning crew just why we had so much fun ordering breakfast. And we revealed our real names, of course.

Our real names.

Consider this part two of my post ‘The Gift’ if you will.

Go anywhere in the world, and use whatever identity you can devise. It doesn’t change the core of who you are. It won’t change who God knows you to be.

We can change our hair, our clothes, our language, our mannerisms, etc. But at the root of our souls and our very being is the person God created, and who He intends us to be.

It’s comforting to know that on a heart level, God knows my name.

More than my name, He knows me and all my hope and hurts, failures and fears, joys and tears…

And He loves me…