While it will be painfully obvious to those who know me, I’m a musician. Been one a long time, in fact longer than some of my friends have been alive. Yes; that means I’m old!

These days traveling minstrel feels more accurate, heavy on the traveling part. Since the age of thirteen I’ve dreamed of making music anywhere and everywhere. For this I’m thankful!

The other day on the road, some of my fellow travelers fell into a discussion about giving thanks for our food. Asking God’s blessing. Saying Grace.

And just today I was reminded that I sometimes forget to pray before a meal. Ouch!

So… today I’m not wanting to open a theological discourse on whether God blesses our food, or start an argument about Christian traditions. But to ask a simple question.

Am I truly thankful?

Ok, I’ll admit it. Sometimes I bow my head before a meal and say a silent prayer. Other times I’ll ask aloud for God’s blessing.

And sometimes I just plain old forget.

What does that say about my heart?

Does God need my audible admission of thankfulness? Doesn’t he know my heart better than I do? Certainly if you love and appreciate someone it’s nice to remind them that you do love them! And who doesn’t want to be appreciated?

Is there a deeper value in my expression of thanks? But what if I simply say Grace out of habit? Or from the weight of expectation of those very traditions that Christians hold dear (and that I said earlier I would not question or mock)?

Words are easy. True expression is more difficult.

I am truly thankful for all the blessings God has bestowed. I’m even thankful for the trials that help complete the work God has begun. I’m thankful even for the unresolved questions I have… for the elusiveness of joy, and the promise of dreams fulfilled.

Father, thank you for the gift of today. Help me to remember and remind others of the thankfulness that Grace and Mercy bring.

Thanks for reading, friends!