“Spheres of Influence” (2004)

soi cover

Behind every song is a story

Behind every story, a life

In every life, there are influences

Welcome to ‘Spheres of Influence’…






It has been said that we are no more “…than the sum of our influences.” This would especially be true of this CD, “Spheres of Influence”. For those who care to know, there are three main areas or ‘spheres’ of influence that drive this project.


The first area is the music; these songs represent the influence of the artists or bands that make up my musical heritage. Whether it’s my own arrangement of a favorite song, or an original tune that nods to a particular artist, I felt it important to pay homage to my heroes.


The second area would be the people who contributed to this project; they are my personal heroes. Each person has been a huge part of my life in one form or another. To say this is a ‘solo project’ would belie the incredible contributions of these amazingly talented artists I have the honor to call friends.


Finally, behind every song is a message of truth I want to convey. Some are clear, some subtle; but they are there waiting to be discovered.


I hope you enjoy this record. It is a snapshot of the joy we felt as we made music together to honor our main influence. Inasmuch as this project is the sum of my influences, it is my hope and prayer that you will be influenced by it to be an influence in your sphere.


God bless you…


George Vinson