Social media can be a strange place.

A post that you imagine will be the catalyst for intense discussion will fall flat. Yet uploading a pic of your dinner or something equally inane will generate a long thread.

You just never know.

But sometimes a comment is made that can rock your world. Today was just such a day.

I posted something as silly as complaining just a little bit about having to run errands and shuttle kids to and fro.

Without putting him on the spot, an old friend commented on my post about how he wished his life was as simple. He shared that he has an intensely challenging family situation, and how he missed his days as a musician.

But it was the way my friend expressed this…with a poignant simplicity that cut my heart to the quick.

Tears formed in my eyes…suddenly my perspective shifted.

My response was an attempt to honor him and his commitment to his family. I made the analogy how if our lives are like songs, then the song of his life is more important than any gig any of us would ever do as musicians.

To my ears, my response seemed pretty lame. Words oftentimes fall short of the desire to really connect and comfort or challenge or encourage. They just don’t seem to be enough…

Don’t get me wrong. Words are important, and in many cases our only way to connect. But my friends poignant post was a great reminder.

Life is our song. It moves with an incessant rhythm and the melody is soaring in its range.

Don’t let the tempo overwhelm. Dig deep, take a breath…and sing.

Only you can sing your song.

“Let everything with breath praise The Lord.” (Psalm 150:6)