Seven Minute Sunday: ‘Lost’

I keep seeing all these blog posts with ‘Five Minute Friday’ or some such, where you have a topic and you write for literally five minutes. No edits, no rewrites, etc. Just write straight from wherever it is you find your muse.

So I’m getting in on the act…in my own fashion, of course. Seven Minute Sunday, and I’m picking the topic. I’m not asking anyone to join the party. Heck, I may not even publish whatever comes of this.

But that’d be defeating the purpose, right?

In full disclosure, I haven’t started the clock yet. I told you I’m doing this MY way.

But here goes nothing. The topic is ‘lost’ and the clock starts…NOW!

When I was young, and after most of my older siblings had grown or discovered actual lives, on Sunday afternoons we (Dad, Mom, and myself) would get in the family car and take a drive.

We’d get lost. On purpose.

As much as I now travel (being the wandering minstrel type that I am), I’m not surprised by this training I apparently received. I’m surprised that I’m just now remembering.

On the road for home today, traffic was terrible. So about a third of way in my journey, I had enough of all the cars on I-65 and I decided to take an alternate route.

I decided to get lost.

I even posted this on social media, and decided I’d go way ‘old school’ by not using GPS or Maps, etc. I’ve been on most of these roads anyway, but this particular route had not seen me for years.

Geez. Less than two minutes. Let me just say that it was magical…God was showing off His incredible work in the sky and surrounding landscapes. All this on ‘the road less traveled.’

The best part is that I found my way.

And God knew where I was the entire time.

He never lost me.

Time’s up…