Sacred Blues and a "Point of View"

For those of you in the Birmingham area that attended the launch of the Genesis Coffee House series, you might recognize the shadowy figure in this pic… lol. For those of you who missed “Sacred Blues”, well… I have a feeling that we’ll be doing another such event. We had a packed house, a LOT of fun, and (most importantly), we helped raise several hundred dollars for the “Babies First” charity. Not bad… doesn’t really make you blue, does it?

I am excited about this extra bit of news; I’m finally beginning to work on my new CD project! This new record, under the working title of ‘Point of View’, is going to be a blast to make. I’ve spent the last few years writing, and I feel like I have some of the best songs I’ve written. Time will tell, won’t it?

So, hang on for the ride. I’m going to attempt to document the work in progress on this blog. Keep an open mind and keep me in prayer!!

More to come…