Project Onefifty

I was sitting and thinking about the incredible journey that I’ve been on the past several years, and I realized that many of you may not know how this whole Project Onefifty thing got started. And while you can go to the P150 website and get the ‘Cliff Notes’ version, I thought it’d be fun to reminsce.

It was about this time of year back in 2002 that I went on a music/missions trip to Italy and Switzerland led by my buddy Dan Moran. Joining me were Barry & Jill Page, Josh Cooper, David Gaines, Steve Wingo, and Deb and Seth Moran (Dan’s wife and son). Our local ministry contact was Scott Steelman of the Italy for Christ ministry.

Our mission was simple; play music and let Dan preach. And play and preach we did. But the amazing thing to me was when we were simply playing music…and seeing people respond to a move of Holy Spirit, just from us jamming!

God had been tapping on my shoulder about doing this sort of ministry for several years. But in Paul’s prison in Rome, he stopped tapping and pretty much slammed me! The next few days found me examining my motives, dreams and desires, and running all this by Carol back in the States.

After an incredible 10 days or so, I arrived back home in Birmingham after a long flight. But during that 12 hours or so, the entire concept for P150 dropped in my lap…name and all. Even down to the details of how we partner with other ministries, finances, etc.

To develop this ministry, we decided to go slow, determined to be obedient in every step. The process led to my first solo CD “Spheres of Influence”, the actual creation of the business entity of Project Onefifty, finding a board of directors, etc. It would not be until July 2004 that we debuted Project Onefifty at our CD release event at the Church at Brook Hills.

Jumping back to today, May 17 2006…we now find ourselves living in a new city (Thompson’s Station, TN, about 30 minutes south of Nashville), with new friends and opportunities for music and ministry. The People’s Church in Franklin, TN has opened their arms to us in a huge way, even allowing us to host an event there this coming July to introduce P150 to more folks in our area. There have been great times and times of struggle…but God has been faithful in every step along the way.

Thank you for the way many of you support us each month, through finances, encouragement, and most of all prayer. Since that trip to Italy and Switzerland back in ’02, I’ve been able to use my music in Ireland, Japan, the Middle East, and all over the Southeast. My music is being heard literally all over the world through online outlets such as iTunes, Napster, CD Baby, and about 30 others.

And so it goes. Tomorrow I head down to Birmingham to play for CCM artist Charles Billingsly at a big rally with David Jeremiah, and then to finish the weekend helping my friends at ClearBranch with a student musical. I am thankful that I’m allowed to use these skills in His service.

Ok…thanks for indulging my little stroll down Memory Lane. Glad I had you along…