One Quarter Later… C’est La Vie!!

Hi gang!

I just realized that it’s been almost an entire quarter-year since my last posting… for shame! lol As usual, I will plead too much activity… thank God that it’s true!

And because of all the things that have transpired since late January, it’s a difficult task for me to ‘hone in’ on just one topic to share. I’ve traveled all over, from Mississippi to Wisconsin, been down to Birmingham almost weekly, done sessions with gospel & soul legend Roscoe Robinson, played on a Dove award winning kids worship project, been to prison a couple of times (!), and endured personal triumph and tragedy.

But you know… that’s life! The French have a wonderful term for it; “c’est la vie”. Ttranslated literally as ‘this is the life’, it has neither a positive or negative association. But being the ‘glass half full’ guy that I am, I see it as ‘this IS the life’! So many people think that being a Christian means no more problems, everything is great, etc. But Christ never promised us this (or a rose garden either). I am firmly convinced that the most effective faith-statement we make in life is how we respond to life, with it’s challenges and rewards.

The past 90 days or so have brought me into contact with believers in a variety of settings. Each of these folks are going through ‘life’ in a big way. Some of these brothers and sisters are in situations that society looks down upon (prison, halfway houses, etc), and are there because of poor choices. Others are living in the prison of their relationships, enduring trials not of their making… walking prisoners in a sense.

But the reason I am so intrigued and impressed by them is the way they are responding to these trials… with the quiet hope and resilient inner joy that only a changed life in Christ can create. I have a song on ‘Spheres of Influence’ called ‘A New Heart’ that is based on Psalm 51:10. The Message Bible says it like this:

“God, make a fresh start in me,
shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life.”

Even as a Christ-follower, I can have chaos in my life. But what an incredible promise that no matter what we face, God can and will make a fresh start. He can shape my life in the same way that He shaped and molded creation from nothing and into an awe-inspiring work of art.

C’est la vie?? You bet it is!!


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