On the road…again!

Sorry for the delay in this update, but it’s been crazy (in a good way). The last time you heard from me, I was in Florida at the student retreat for my friends at ClearBranch UMC (Argo, AL). The camp went well, but there was a frightening accident on Tuesday night. One of their 8th grade students, a beautiful young lady named Faith, was struck by a car while she was crossing the road to the beach. It looked really bad at the time, but thankfully God stepped in! While Faith has some extensive surgery on her leg (the main point of impact), thankfully she HAS a road to recovery.

The rest of the camp went well, and it was wonderful working with all the gang from ClearBranch. I’m hoping that I can be part of their retreat for years to come.

After the camp, I had a rare occurance…some time at home (got to do chores, mow the lawn, etc). I did get to play guitar down at the new satellite campus for the People’s Church, down at the Spring Hill high school. Chad Jarnagin led worship and we had an incredible time. God is truly doing a great work down in our neck of the woods (and I’m glad to be a small part of it).

Ok, my next update will fill you in on the camp I’m doing THIS week. Later, kids!