No ‘Biloxi Blues’ tonight

Whew! What a day! I just got back to the hotel after a full day. I’ve already mentioned the VBS at the FEMA trailers, the senior adult lunch at FBC Biloxi, and the setup for tonights’ event. That alone would be plenty to qualify as a productive day.

But around 6:30pm, the student room at FBC Biloxi was almost full (close to 300 folks) as Kevin and the band began to lead worship. Let me stop right here and brag on Austin, Preston, and Zack for doing an incredible job in the band. These young guys have been working tirelessly to prepare for this tour. Not only are they hanging in on the worship set, but they are kicking on the choir songs. What makes this significant is that we are playing along to prerecorded tracks with extra musical parts. This means that these guys are having to play along with a click track while using in-ear monitors; there are a lot of adult pro musicians who can’t do this! And an honorable mention goes to Frederick, one of the soloists who is helping us lead worship, and our buddy Zack B. running monitors. What a talented bunch of students!

Tonight was pretty incredible. Due to the nature of a production like this, there’s little or no variation in the concert from night to night. But our speaker, Gary Permenter is bringing a fresh message each time, weaving a thread to our tour theme of ‘what are you waiting for?’ And that pretty much sums it up. Gary presented the Good News in such a simple and powerful fashion. It was a significant moment for many as Holy Spirit moved and did his work.

I couldn’t help but notice this one young lady on the other side of the room from the band. After the invitation had finished and the choir prepared to end the night with a big number, this girl still had her head bowed… her face in her hands. The student pastor of this church was sitting next to her and was quietly praying. God’s Spirit was so strong that she literally was humbled in His presence.

So, no big numbers to report, no ‘evangelistic exaggeration’ of the dozens and dozens of commitments… just the awesome sight of God moving in such a powerful way. For me, this was the high point of this tour so far. We may be tired, but we don’t have a case of the blues; far from it! Tonight there are several new members of God’s family, and we had the humbling privilege of being able to sing His praise and tell the story of His love, mercy, and grace!

Tomorrow brings the last day of our VBS outreach, as well as our work projects. Our venue tomorrow is a local school auditorium and we’re hoping that the crowd there will be as excited and receptive as tonight. On Friday we’ll be up in Meridian, but I don’t want to rush too far ahead; I can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow.

Thanks to those of you who’ve written with words of encouragement and prayer for this week. I’m certain that you have had a hand in the success of this tour. Thank you!!!

Until tomorrow, God bless!!


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  1. George,

    Thanks for the updates and taking care of Austin. He loves to rock with you.

    Scott Wagner

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