New Year’s Resolution: Day 15

Happy New Year! Yes, I know it’s about 15 days late… but you know me and my blogging schedule… lol! I must say there are some exciting things in store for me and Project Onefifty this year. Please keep us in your prayers… you’ll be the first to know just how exciting!

One of my resolutions for this year (besides the usual list… get in better shape, bring world peace, etc.) is to finally read the Bible all the way through. Now, I’ve read every book, but never sequentially from cover to cover. One of our buddies, drummer Steve Sample has accomplished this feat several times! The fact that Steve became a Christ-follower in his 40’s just confirms we can sometime forget just how important and life-changing God’s word is.

So, I’m on Day 15… that means I’m close to finishing the book of Genesis. Just a day or so ago, I was reading the story of Joseph, his sale into slavery by his jealous brothers, his rise to favor and subsequent fall from grace into imprisonment. It’s significant how God provides his way of escape, but only after waiting for years. That God restores Joseph is incredible; but not only is he restored, he rises to one of the highest places of authority in Egypt and sets the stage for fulfillment of prophesy and the long-term freedom we have in Christ.

A great story and a great truth! And here on Day 15, I find myself in a period of waiting… much like Joseph. No, I’m not in prison or been sold by my brothers (although they probably wanted to sell me a few times when we were growing up!). Since our move to Tennessee a couple of years ago, we’ve seen God do some great things through P150. We’ve been in Japan, and Ireland, and even the Middle East. It’s humbling to remember how God has used our music and ministry to plant seeds of change in the lives of people all around the world. We’ve put down great roots here in TN, gathering a new support group and encountering ministry opportunities we’d never dream of doing. But we know we’ve just scratched the surface of what God has planned.

But even in the midst of activity, we still are waiting for the next step. I am so excited about the new CD project coming. I’ve just finished the writing stage and have entered pre-production. It’s going to be a challenging project, not only for the production team, but I fully believe that lives will be challenged in an amazing way through the truth in these tunes.

One of the new tunes was inspired by our friend Rashel Ross and her victory over cancer, and contains lines in the bridge that really sum all this up for me:

“I will not waver
I will not live here again
I will remember the promise
But waiting is the hardest thing to do…
I wait for you”

I pray that you find patience in your time of waiting. Remember God’s promise of love, mercy, and grace…

It’s gonna be a great year!!


“I Wait for You” (copyright 2008 Vinsongs Music, ASCAP)