My Big Green Irish Wedding

Well…it’s never a dull moment on this trip! Tonight we had a great session at the Open Arms Community Church. Not only did we have a songwriting ‘mini-workshop’, but we tweaked the church sound system, and helped their worship band work through a number. These are really great folks who are making a difference in their community. As you can see, I’m a fan!

Afterwards, Tony and I (joined by Jason, Durand, and his daughter Laura) went to a couple of pubs until we found one that would let us play. And boy…what a pub! Imagine your quintessential Irish pub, crowded to the rafters…it was great! We went to a little nook in the place and I grabbed my acoustic and Tony started singing.

Little did we know, but we were playing to a big wedding party right in front of us! They loved our music and I remarked that we were the cheapest band they ever hired…lol! We did get free chips and sausages (and Diet Coke too!).

Tony sang until he could sing no more. I don’t how we got there, but we ended up doing the last 3 songs in the big medley on the Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ album. Tony ‘played’ Ringo’s drum solo on his legs and we even sang all the guitar solos…hilarious!

We had a couple of guys come up when we finished and asked what we were about, so you never know how God will use all this.

Tomorrow we go into Dublin for the day and finish up here in Newbridge tomorrow night. After that we head north to Buncrana.

More to come!