Message to 1977

In 1977 I was sixteen years old. Young and alive with the world unfolding, yet already building the fortress for my spirit that I have endured for decades now. 

While not an original idea, I would send “77 GV” advice if I could…

Don’t be afraid to take risks.

Take better care of yourself…body soul and spirit.

When your youth pastor asks you to sing a solo in choir say “yes!”

Understand and believe that there really is an artist inside of you waiting to escape his prison.

When the voices tell you you’re no good and worthless, use that as fuel for your life.

When you make mistakes (and you certainly will), remember that there’s Grace for that.

Believe in yourself, even when no one else does.

There will be seasons of agonizing loneliness.

Holy Spirit has given you a new heart. Protect it at all costs…but don’t lock it away.

Never ever give up on the music…it is the fire that will sustain you, and will be the light for your journey.

This is your life: live it with passion and without regret.

The road behind cannot be traveled again. Father, help me heed my own words, and lay waste to the fortress I have built.