Lunch concert…sorted!

Just a quick update about today’s event. It was supposed to be playing some music for the lunch crowd at a very posh place…but somehow things got a bit out of sorts (basically good old-fashion communication mix up). But we ended up playing (very softly) for 2 ladies who wanted to hear more. Come to find out, the folks at Open Arms have been talking separately with these 2 ladies…and they both showed up today completely unaware that we were playing (or had anything to do with Open Arms, for that matter!). They sat and talked with us, and Jason played a couple of songs for them (I couldn’t resist and had to join in).

Tonight, Tony and I were out and about and gave an impromptu performance at a local venue…well, Tony sang and I listened, since my guitar was back at our lodging. The long and short of it is that we’re playing at set at this place tomorrow night after our workshop event at the church.

I guess I’d better bring my guitar!

Love and prayers,