Looking For the Uncloudy Day

2014 Dusking


Social media can be a wonderful tool. It can provide great entertainment, or provide a platform to spew and spleen. But so easy to overlook the very real people at the other end of a post. I can post an emoticon that reads “feeling sad/angry/blah”…and we glance and scroll on past to kitten videos or the latest thing/person we hate.

Today and tonight I’m feeling overwhelmed. No cute emoji…no insightful meme. Overwhelmed…by change and loss and uncertainty. My faith in Christ promises eventual comfort, but in this moment the reality is far from the promise of an uncloudy day.

Remember today all who stumble under the weight of their burdens. Prayers for those who know in their head that tomorrow is not promised and are living today with little to no hope in their heart.

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