Ireland Day Two…Newbridge

Top of the morning!

Ok…Im in Ireland…Im entitled to one cliche, right? We just got home from hanging with our Irish host Shawn after our first concert event. This was held at Open Arms Community Church here in Newbridge. This is a small, store-front church, but is a dynamic body of believers with a great home group outreach. We were gathered in their upstairs coffee shop area, the musicians set up against a huge plate glass window where we saw a beautiful sunset over the town.

And what a varied mix of music. The idea was to give the folks at Open Arms a taste of what were trying to do this week in our outreach events. Tonight was based loosely on a songwriters night. They served tea and coffee, along with biscuits (what wed call crackers). We started the night by hearing a few songs from a young guy named Jason Howell. Wow! What a talent…and hes barely 17! I know he has a website so Ill get the link for you. His music is introspective but with highly charged and thought-provoking lyrics. I know well all be hearing more from Jason in the years to come.

After a quick break for folks to chat and get more tea, our Greater Europe Mission contact, Durand Robinson took the stage. He is more of a James Taylor singer-songwriter guy; his songs are wonderfully melodic and you find yourself really relating to characters he sings about. By songs end, youre left with a great image of Gods truth and how it applies to your life.

Then Tony and I got a chance to have some fun. We opened with U2s When Love Came To Town (pretty cheeky as they say over here). Tony was rippin it up! He is such an amazing singer and had the audience (and me!) cheering along. We plowed straight into People Get Ready which the small but enthusiastic crowd enjoyed.

You know me; next up…a song by the Beatles! In this case it was Things We Said Today. This was a last minute change on my part, I feel led by Holy Spirit to tie into the next song, I Will Trust In You. I spoke about the idea in the Fab Four song about how powerful an emotion regret can be. What do you do or say when youve lost a loved one with whom you had unfinished business? How do you deal with this? Where is the trust that you can move on and allow forgiveness to take hold and healing to begin? We then moved into I Will Trust and shared briefly how this song was a gift from God at a time when I needed His comfort; this song was our gift to them. Man, it was powerful to see the tears in the eyes of Irish brothers and sisters.

We ended with Amazing Grace and it simply was! Before the song, I shared how Project Onefiftys mission is to reach beyond the walls of the church, to plant lines of hope in the lives of spiritual seekers, trusting Holy Spirit to lead in His timing. I told the audience about an idea that I had seen lately, a bumper sticker that said all roads lead to Truth. I took that to mean all roads lead to God. I may have shocked them when I said that I agreed with this idea. All our religions do lead to the same truth…the truth that on our own, we cant reach Him!! So what can leap the chasm between us and God? Only Gods amazing grace!

So let me end this update by once again thanking you for praying for us. Tomorrow we play a lunchtime set at a local restaurant, after which were heading into Dublin to see the sights. I hope to send some pics on my next update.

Love you all!!

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  1. I am an avid blogger and was delighted and inspired by your trip to my old church in Newbridge or should I say my beloved family whom I miss a lot. I am now living in Australia with my family and have yet to find a fellowship as good as Newbridge. How I wish that I was there to see and hear you praise God and this unusual but wonderful world that he created for us.


    Roisin Jacob

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