How many times can I use "On the road again" as a title??

Hi everyone!

I’m literally heading out on the road again in a few hours. 3am comes early (I have to be at Dawson in Birmingham by 7am). I know…why didn’t I leave sooner? Work! Thankfully, the big LifeWay projects I’ve been working on are finally done…well, all my parts at least. Now my buddy Brian Green gets to put it all together. I’ve heard a few of the mixes so far and it’s sounding great. I’ll let you know as soon as these discs ‘hit the streets’.

Speaking of hitting the streets, I need to run. After Dawson in the morning, Barry Page and I will be jumping in the vehicle with Kevin Williams for our annual NC kid’s camp for FBC Spartanburg. This is our 4th (?) year running and we always look forward to leading these kids in worship.

There’s much more beyond this camp, but I’ll save for that the next update. Please continue to pray for me and the family. Work has been steady, but cash flow is another story. At least there is flow…!
Pray that Carol and the kids are safe while I travel, and also that my travels are safe and rewarding in a Kingdom way.

I’m praying for you as well. I miss you, guys!

God bless!