Hope Unrequited

“Laughter fades
Tears will fall
In the end
We will remember it all”

(Unfinished song by G. Vinson)

As I write, my uncle lies somewhere between earth and sky. I heard the news today that my father’s brother in law was under hospice care. A few hours ago that changed and he had been taken to a Birmingham hospital and heavily sedated with morphine.

“He’s not expected to leave the hospital.”

In hospice-care speak: my uncle will die soon.

So now our family waits for the word of his passing. It’s a little after midnight and for all I know, Uncle Hydie is now standing in the presence of the Father. I pray for all those who will mourn his absence. My uncle has led a full life…not without sorrow and heartache, but more than enough joy to soothe those of us who will remember and celebrate a life lived fully.

And though his passage is not unlooked-for and certain to be soon, there is always a prayer whispered that hope would be fulfilled, and God might spare His angels until another day.

But sometimes hope goes unrequited.

Unfulfilled prayers and promises feel like hope crucified, waiting for resurrection that may never come.

Today feels like that.

But hope and despair are two sides of the same coin. And I know God to be faithful in every way.

“Where’s there’s life, there is hope,” the old adage goes.

Today God fulfilled the promise of life even in the shadow of death.

And we would do well to remember that with the God we serve, there is always resurrection.