Sometimes the hardest part of doing this journal is coming up with a title for the entry. Just how many times can you say ‘on the road’? So, GV OTR n NC is my ridiculous way of saying I’m on the road in North Carolina! Cute, huh?

Last Spring, I was out with the Reveal student choir from the Biltmore Baptist Church in Asheville, NC. The choir director is my best buddy David Gaines, and we are once again going to the Gulf Coast region this coming April to do more ministry down there.

One of the goals of my ministry, Project Onefifty, is to find areas where we can do recurring work. It’s great to go different places every time you tour, but it’s near and dear to my heart to find areas where you can come back to and follow up where you left off. This is Reveal’s strategy for this Gulf Coast tour, and I’m excited to again be part of it.

THIS weekend I’m up here helping my buddies Kevin Williams and Gary Permenter lead the choir in a workshop/retreat. It’s always a fun reunion, but this time is even more special as we have our long-time drummer Jamie Rogan here. Last year Jamie started playing with the wellknown country artist Billy Currington, so it’s been a long time since we’ve played together.

The students have been working hard on learning music and choreography, etc., but Kevin has been leading us in some great worship times, and Gary has been challenging us all to look for ways to be better ministers. What a great time!

We have 2 morning services with these folks before we head back to our regular gigs. I’ll be keeping you up on what’s going to happen with the tour, especially while we are out in April.

You can go ahead and start praying for this trip. It’s difficult to imagine what the people on the Gulf are still going through. While things have improved down there somewhat, and there is some hope, Gary pointed out that for the people who STILL don’t have a home, their hope is still 0%.

Keep praying!!