‘Grace’ for today

It’s late on Sunday night, and I’m writing from my hotel room in Starkville, MS. I left Nashville early (5:15 am) to get to Tupelo, MS for the morning worship at the Church at Trace Crossing. This is a brand new Faith Family led by a great friend of mine named Kevin Wood (I had the joy of working with him at Brook Hills). I have always said that he would make a fantastic pastor, and it looks like my prediction is coming true.

Leading the music for Trace Crossing is another of the ‘Kevins’ in my world, Kevin Williams. You know that I have been working with Kevin for ages now… I’ve played on both of his recording projects, and we even served together at Brook Hills. He is a huge part of what I do as a sideman, and we play student events, retreats, and conferences all over the South.

These two Kevins make a great team. It was a very powerful service, with incredible worship in music and teaching. For me, today was extra special. Kevin Wood made a point to mention my song “I Will Trust In You’ as he was introducing me to the audience. It’s funny because Kevin Williams had already planned on singing it anyway! But Kevin Wood asked me to briefly tell the story behind the song, which I gladly recounted.

Most of you know how God gave us this song when the life of our yet-to-be-born daughter Audra Grace was hanging in the balance. Needless to say, Audra and all the rest of us came through those trying times (thank the Lord), and the gift of “I Will Trust In You” was a great encouragement to us. And while I thought the song was for us alone, He obviously had other plans as many people have relayed to me how it’s helped them as well.

The lyric is based on Psalm 56:3 and simply relates how when life is tough, confusing, scary, and uncertain…you can trust in God and His word. This is a incredible truth and the reason why this very simple song resonates so powerfully.

Many times as we sing “I Will Trust”, I am often overcome with emotion as I remember the trial and the grace of those dark moments. It was especially poignant today as this is Audra’s second birthday!! The way God has comforted and guided is amazing, and His grace was sufficient…and remains so even now. Audra is named Grace as a reminder of His gift of love and mercy in the form of our precious little girl.

Tonight we (Kevin Williams and the rest of his band) played at a student ministry event at Mississippi State called SOS. We played a mix of popular radio tunes as well as some of the rockier worship choruses. There were a couple of hundred students there and we were having a great time. But once again Kevin felt led to sing my song. It’s an amazing sound…hearing 200 young people singing words and melodies that I helped ‘bring into the world’, and to do so on the day that celebrates Audra Graces’ arrival…wow!

So, my grace for today is running over. It’s tough being away from my family, especially on days like today. But God knows that and decided to give a little extra grace to help me through!

“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”
II Corinthians 13:14

God bless!!


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  1. Hey brother! I never got the chance to tell you that Amber and I really enjoyed your CD. Nice soundscapes and tastefull arrangements.

    Great work! Thanks for the great conversation as well.


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