“Forgive the Drama. I’m a Dad.”

Tomorrow (Friday) Carol and I will bundle up our 8 year old Audra Grace well before dawn, load in our trusty Ford Windstar van (the vintage 2001 model) and drive the 32.3 miles to the Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. Upon arriving, we’ll proceed to the surgical ward on the 3rd floor. After all the pre-op is done, at approximately 8:30am a surgeon will make an incision in Audra’s lower abdomen and remove what is hopefully a benign fatty tumor called a lipoma.

Forgive the drama. I’m a dad. And my precious baby has something in her that must be removed.

When Audra broke her right arm recently, we were of course helping bathe her (as a fully functioning 8 year old adult, this was not necessary nor allowed prior to her accident). It was then that Carol noticed the swelling down below. I didn’t because…well, uh…still not used to having a daughter. Just saying…

Initially our doctor thought it could’ve been a hernia or something caused by her trampoline accident. But our docs are way thorough and way precautious thankfully. Sitting in the room with X-ray techs, we picked up on the body language and what they didn’t say. An MRI was scheduled and performed after what felt like forever. Results were 98% certain the mass they detected was nothing. But…

We were referred to a surgeon, who gave us the news about the 98, and told us what that 2% could mean. That tiny percentage point is not a good one.

Forgive the drama. I’m a dad. And my precious baby has something in her that must be removed.

I fully trust the medical team that will perform this procedure. I trust our doctor and how she cares for our children like her own.

I trust the Father with my baby girl. In all likelihood, the biopsy will come back with the words we want. Audra will have a tiny scar but she will run free like she does, laughing and living and trusting in typical Audra fashion.

Her name is Grace and she is aptly named.

But I’m her father. My precious baby has something in her that must be removed.

We are made in God’s image. Our thoughts and feelings and emotions are reflections of Him. Could He have felt this way when sin invaded his children?

Forgive the drama. I’m your Father. And my precious children have something in them that must be removed.

So pardon the Sunday School ending to this post. You know I hate that crap. But my mind works that way, and I can’t help but think the Father worries over me and you like we do our own children.

And I trust Him.


3 Replies to ““Forgive the Drama. I’m a Dad.””

  1. George that is so BEAUTIFUL…May GOD continue to Bless you & yours!!! You have Always had a Special GOD Given Talent. Proud of you!!! 🙂

  2. I should have said this before and I’m sorry I didn’t. Thank you for loving our daughter like you do. For giving her what I didn’t have growing up. You have no idea what that means to me and thank you really doesn’t do it or you justice but it’s all I have. You won’t know what that means to her either for a really long time but trust me – it’s everything.

    Thank you for loving her and our boys. They couldn’t ask for a better father than they have – yes, they think so at times but as they grow up they will know better. Just as Brandon and Justin have said on many occasions.

    Thank you for ferociously loving them and taking them before the Father. Thank you for being an example of what His love looks like for us.

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