First night in Buncrana (part 1)

Good morning!!

Well, the first half of our journey is over and now we get busy! Yesterday we said our tearful farewells to our new friends in Newbridge and headed into Dublin. Our contact up north, Mike Mullin, was in town for a meeting so we larked about town until he finished.

There is an old saying in Ireland…if you dont like the weather, just wait a few moments. And this couldnt have been closer to the truth! We were hanging in the really cool Temple Bar area and after a great lunch, we continued our sightseeing. It was a bit cold, but very sunny. While we were eating, a hard rain blew in and out as fast as that. Durand and I were visiting the Irish Film Institute when out of nowhere, hail starting falling hard and fast; yes, hail! After about 10 minutes, they came Fat Old Sun acting as if nothing had happened. Way cool!

We had a grand journey traveling up to Buncrana. If you ever get the chance to come to this beautiful island, you simply must! I dont have the vocabulary to describe the glory of it…Ill just say its grand!

Mike Mullen heads a ministry up here called Operation Mobilization (OM), and he lined up another pub for us to play. And if I thought the Newbridge pub was cool, then Roddens was incredible! Its the kind of place where you stepped back in time…very quaint. I fully expected to see Frodo and Sam at a table, and Strider lurking in the corner…lol!

The three of us played about 2 hours to a packed room. They were great! Today we lead worship at Mikes church, this afternoon we play a restaurant, with a full concert at a local venue tonight. I think they were going easy on us down south, as we are slamming up here!

Well, Ill have to finish this update later, as we have to head to the service. By the way, wish Carol a happy birthday…yes, today is her birthday!!

Later, my friends!!