Final night in Newbridge

Hey guys,

We literally just finished our final concert in Newbridge just moments before. As I type, a crowd of about 60 folks are milling about in the main room of the Open Arms Community Church. It was a different night than we had planned, as Tony had to unexpectedly fly home this morning. And while we missed him greatly (Tony has won many fans here…no surprise there!), Durand, Jason, and I turned the night into more of a group effort. I had the wonderful privilege of playing on songs by both guys…and what great songs! Jason has one called Porcelain that talks about how breakable we all are. And Durand ended the night with a song of his called Only Plea which runs from one chorus that says …were guilty, to the final chorus that declares that were …forgiven.

And that sums up our lives…we are born guilty, but thanks to Christ’s sacrifice, we can be forgiven. I had the chance to play one of my favorite hymns called The Fountain, which talk about His sacrifice and how we can be washed clean.

All in all, a great end to a great week! Tomorrow we travel up to Buncrana. Keep praying and youll hear from us again (and soon!).

Love you guys!