Family and Faith

Hi everyone!

I’ve had a couple of weeks here at home, being busy with domestic stuff (ahh, yard work!) and doing some sessions. Work is steadily increasing…so keep praying! Tomorrow I head down to Birmingham for a session at Bates Brothers Recording…a quick ‘there and back again’ trip. So with little P150 news, I thought I’d share some thoughts about family and faith.

As many of you know, I am the father of 5 children. Yes, down in the South that officially makes me ‘white trash’…lol. Well, I know that having lots of kids can generate some trash.

But having this wonderful group of 4 boys and 1 baby girl has generated more than just trash. Brandon (22), Justin (19), Colin (10), Cameron (8), and Audra (22 months) have brought so many wonderful moments to Carol and I. And not a few moments of anguish and fear. From Brandon’s near-fatal car accident a few years back, Cameron being in a halo at age 2 (so his broken neck would heal), and our latest challenges with Audra, there have been moments where we bombarded heaven with prayers, and not a few angry questions.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that God not only hears and answers prayer, but can handle our anger? In my work with Project Onefifty there have times where people have compared me and my music to David and the Psalms in the Old Testament. David was reported to have a heart like His (in tune with the Father) but had moments of trial, dark moments of sin, and many moments of consequence resulting from his actions. There are times when I have far more in common with David’s dark side than anything else!

In many of his psalms, David displays a brutal honesty with God. I suppose that is what draws me time and again to these centuries-old songs. And no matter how angry David gets, or graphic (asking God to destroy his enemies) invariably his tone lightens and he gives God praise, no matter what the circumstance.

Is this ‘a heart like His’? The trust in Abba Father in every trial? I fall so far short of this mark (and often), but I continue to pray that I’ll be faithful. God has proven His faithfulness to me over and over and over. My reasonable response is a life of faithful worship.

I’ll close this entry with a Psalm that the ‘prophet Bono’ has been know to pray over U2 crowds:

“How can I repay the Lord
all the good He has done for me?

I will take the cup of salvation
and worship the Lord.

I will fulfill my vows to the Lord
in the presence of all His people.”

Psalm 116:12-14 (HCSB)

Love never fails!!

God bless!!