Dilithium sharpens dilithium…

Glenn Williams is a great guy. Not only is he a fabulous drummer… he’s proven to be a great friend. The past year or two have seen us both dealing with some ‘life stuff’ and it’s been great to have a brother to help carry the load. He’s been a sharp iron to my dull blade on more than one occasion.

But not only is Glenn a great musician and friend, he shares with me a deep passion for that incredible iconic and mythological beast known as… Star Trek!!

I know what you’re thinking… geek squad! Trekkies (but that’s ‘Trekkers’, thank you)! Lest I misrepresent, neither of us have ever been to a convention, worn a Trek uniform, or even consumed ‘qagh’ or ‘bloodwine’! lol But buried deep in the DNA of every guy is the ability to quote lines from movies and TV shows, and Star Trek is the ultimate in technobabble.

It never fails that when the subject of Trek rolls around, Glenn and I will toss out more than a few quotes. But hey… when the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few… or the one, there’s usually a Trek axiom to fill said need!

If you don’t love Star Trek (shame on you!), right about now I just KNOW that your eyes are rolling around the back of your head, contemplating the desire for a root canal or an IRS audit. You are begging me to cut it out and speak like a normal person!!

But how many times as believers do we do much the same thing? Uh-oh…! Why do we feel the need when talking to folks outside the church to use such terms as transubstantiation, the Tribulation, the Rapture, condemnation, salvation, or use phrases that are sure to make Trek-speak seem almost palatable in comparison??

I’ll be the first to admit that I am guilty in this… I think this ‘communication breakdown’ happens when we are constantly around other believers and never engage people outside the church. But I daresay that our actions are speaking loudly, even when our language is seemingly incomprehensible. Wow… I know that in my life and walk, these don’t always line up!

So the next time you find yourself talking with someone and the topic turns toward spiritual issues, remember to speak English, or they might just think YOU are speaking Klingon…lol!

Live long and prosper!!


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  1. I agree George. Sometimes “Christian Speak” can lead to a lot of “Tribbles.” I was good to see you the other day. Take care, Eric

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