“December Sun”

“Winter is coming.”

You’d never know it by the weather today, as it’s a windy and warm 72 degrees. It’s early December, and I’m on the road to a rehearsal for a coming Christmas event in Birmingham. To me, December is supposed to be cold! I’m certainly not complaining…the older I get, the warmer I like it. It’s just difficult to fully enter the holiday spirit…

But all you need do is wait. Life has a way of changing when it’s least expected (or wanted).

Winter is coming. By the weekend the temps will fall. Clouds will gather, and the expected rain will turn icy. There is even a possibility of snow. Winter is coming indeed.

If as a child I was captured by the Moon, then as a man I am enamored by the Sun. While the Moon still holds me in thrall, I find myself gladdened by bright rays of sunshine, and saddened when covered in grey.

Just a brief glance at my Instagram account will testify to my near obsession with the interplay of light and shadow, the dance that takes place between clouds and Sun. Memories of idyllic childhood days spent watching the shifting cloud shapes flood my mind and heart. God is trying to teach me patience, and to be thankful for the gift of each day.

But winter is coming. Days grow short and the wind blows cold. It doesn’t take long for the world to turn to ice. There is marvelous beauty in the loneliness of winter. Candles burn brighter in the cold. Hearts glow warm in the comfort of family and friends gathered in celebration. The stars sing together in memory of the Glory that came under a winter sky.

Winter is near at hand.

Today I am thankful for the warmth of a December Sun.